Sunday, 27 July 2014

Wk 2: Camera Use // Aperture and Depth of Field in Class Exercise

Surprisingly a lot of these photos were out of focus which was disappointing as I didn't see that at all while taking them. I gained a bit more confidence as the exercise went on and while using the 50mm lens and I could see the difference straight away.

Images shot in Aperture Priority and in auto focus. 

Landscape photo with a wide DOF
Aperture 22.0 / Shutter Speed 1/30 / ISO 100
Thoughts: Definitely needed a tripod here. 

 Aperture 4 / Shutter Speed 1/800 / ISO 100

Aperture 8 / Shutter Speed 1/200 / ISO 100

 Aperture 22 / Shutter Speed 1/25 / ISO 100
Thoughts: Should have used a Tripod for this one! 

Changed to 50mm Lens
Aperture 1.4 / Shutter Speed 1/6400 / ISO 100

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