Sunday, 27 July 2014

Wk 1: Camera Use // Shutter Exercise

Fooling around with slower shutter speeds in shutter priority....many learning opportunities otherwise known as 'fails' here: 

Since these photo's were taken we have learned about White Balance. These would have been taken in Auto White Balance. 

Shutter Speed 4 / Aperture 7.1 / ISO 100
Thoughts:  Probably a too low ISO and it would have been interesting to try and focus on the pizza box taking it out of frame and then putting it back in during the open shutter. I didn't have a model to use during this exercise. 

Shutter Speed 13.0 / Aperture 13.0 / ISO 100
Thoughts: This picture was taken with the camera on a stool and without a timer. I simply pressed the shutter walked into the shot and sat on the chair and walked out. Again should have used a higher ISO.

Shutter Speed 1 / Aperture 5 / ISO 400
Thoughts: This picture was taken without a tripod (obviously) and the light is caused by the lamp and TV in the room. 

Shutter Speed 20 / Aperture 11 / ISO 500
Thoughts: I liked this photo partly due to the addition of the green light on the left. This photo was taken by accident and I was moving the camera around waiting for the shutter to close.

Shutter Speed 0.6 / Aperture 3.5 / ISO 500
Thoughts: Out of focus, pre shot example of the picture above.

Definitely need to play around with a faster shutter speed as well.

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  1. I find these photos really interesting. The top one at first glance is ambiguous and it takes a while to figure out what is going on in the frame. I like the way the ghostly figure is framed by the curtains in the second photos and also the way the colours in this image work together. It feels like the figure is about to jump out of the image towards the viewer. I wouldn't consider these images to be 'fails' and it's great you've been experimenting with long shutter speeds and also that you've included the pre shot example of the house at night. It would be great to see some of your faster shutter speed images in this post. Why did you want to use a higher ISO on the first two photos?