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Term 2: Digi Tech // Nick T Response

The Perfect Client Experience 

After hearing about the Field Trip and discussion by Nick T I wanted to research and understand what a 'perfect' experience would be for someone who needed a photographer. Obviously this would change depending on what a client wanted and what kind of work the photographer focused on. However I have chosen to first do some simple research on what general expectations are and then narrowed in on my own practise as a photographer taking head shots by creating myself a simple process manual.

So here goes....

Basic expectations of a client looking for a photographer:
  1. A strong portfolio
  2. Great communication
  3. Professional process and environment
  4. Clear with costs
  5. Prompt delivery of images
There's a whole bunch of info online that relates especially to 'How to find a wedding photographer' that I thought might be helpful but....that really is specific to weddings. So then I just went about looking at great customer experience and from there I was able to find some more practical info. 

Here's some of the things that keep popping up:
  1. Be contactable - answer ph calls, emails and/or texts as promptly as possible
  2. Listen - figure out what a customer wants
  3. Do what you say you will do - and do it better
  4. Follow up on positive AND negative feedback
  5. Go the extra mile
  6. Be transparent when it comes to money
The work towards creating a great customer experience will go a long way to gaining repeat customers and getting recommended to their friends. You can see why Nick T puts such a large focus of his time and energy not only getting great shots but making sure people have a great time. 

Experimentation: The Perfect Headshot Client Experience // Process

Professional, personal, warm and easy.

Making Contact
-       Let potential customer know what you do and why you do it
-       Find out what their expectations are
-       Let them know how much it cost
-       Let customer know exactly what they will get for their money

Confirming the Booking
-       Make booking easy, add calendar event (and reminders for them and you)
-       Send clear information on what to bring to shoot & what to expect on the day
-       Recommend hair and make-up options
-       Send reminder 3 days before + encouragement
-       Send reminder the night before + encouragement + where to park/directions

Shoot Prep on the day
-       Have the shooting areas’ prepped
-       Lighting options ready
-       Camera ready, CF card empty
-       Hanger for clothes
-       Tidy House
-       Clean and tidy areas for them to change

Arrival of Client
-       Light snacks and beverages ready (tea, Coffee, water)
-       Music to get them in the mood
-       Let them know what’s going to happen
-       Give them time to dress and tidy make-up (if already done)
-       Shoot!

End of session
-       Tidy up Clients things if needed
-       Send them off with water

Receiving the images
-       Edit Images as soon as possible (within 5 days)
-       Send Images to either via Dropbox or offer for a USB to be sent or picked up

-       Send Invoice and thank you

Add images to Website with permission


Example of Email to Client: 

Hi Jane,

Thank you for getting in contact and thinking of me. Getting new headshots is always a great way to rejuvenate your image and make casting directors take notice. I come from a background of acting, directing and producing and know the difference great images can make to getting auditions. 

I offer a variety natural light headshots, shot from my home and some surrounding locations in Mt Eden.  I then take the images, edit the best and handover the final images for you and your agent to choose from.

Here is some examples of my work: website link

My current rate for a headshot session is $200 and includes:
-       2.5 hour shooting session
-       Editing of between 5 -10 images
-       Edited images in small (website suitable) and large formats (High Resolution)
-       USB with all images

If you have any questions or you’re keen to book a session let me know your time frame and we can go from there.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Graham


Making a Booking:

STEP ONE:  Organize a time and handover information

Hi Jane,

That’s great news. I’m very much looking forward to working with you towards creating you some stunning headshots. Below are a few options in terms of booking a session, let me know which one will suit you best.

Option One:
Option Two:
Option Three:

I have attached PDF outlining all the basics you need to know about our session. What to bring, hair, make-up etc.

Let me know what slot will work best for you and I will book you in.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Graham

PDF Attachment to include:

What to bring to your headshot session:

Bring a variety to tops
Most head-shots focus on your shoulders upwards so it's important to bring several options in terms of tops. Both formal and informal e.g males please bring shirt and t-shirt options. Try not to bring anything that is too low cut or too high cut. Make sure to include black, white and bright colours in your options. 

You are more than welcome to do you your own make-up for the shoot. I encourage you not to wear too much as these images need to look like you, not the highly glamorised version of you. If you use a make-up artist please let me know and I can arrange space for you to do this at the shoot. 

If you have long hair please style it out and we can always tie it up for a different look towards the end of the shoot. Females if you don't want to pay a load of money to have you're hair styles but don't feel comfortable doing your own I recommend having your hair blown out at Dry and Tea before coming to the shoot. 

Drink Water and Sleep!
In the week running up to the shoot make sure you look after yourself. Drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day and make sure to get some decent sleep. This will go a long way to making your skin and eyes ready for your close up. 

Shoot Location & Parking
1/54 Ellerton Road
Mt Eden 
Free on street parking


STEP TWO: Confirm Booking via email

Hi Jane,

Great, I’ve booked you in for ________________ and sent you a calendar invite.

Let me know if you have any further questions about what to wear, make-up or hair.

Otherwise, I shall talk to you closer to the time.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Graham


STEP THREE: Email check in Optional
-       One week out from booking
-       Check in regarding make-up and hair + Clothing options


SSTEP FOUR: Text Reminder
-       Night before
-       Text reminder (include address so client has it on their phone)


Some of the above process was straight forward but the execution of these steps will actually be a lot of work. I can definitely see the usefulness of going the extra mile for a client. Looking after them every step of the why and getting images to them quickly and seemingly effortlessly. I personally find this rather difficult. I make time to do the job but forget to book time with myself to edit images and get them to the client. Following through will be a big focus for me next year as I work to gain headshot clients while working full time. This response has been most useful in preparing for this.  

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