Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Term 2: Portfolio Images

These final 5 images were chosen out off a what became a large number of photo's taken on the night. I decided on these 5 because they each because important in telling the story and yet leave enough room for a viewer to make up their own mind about what they are seeing. I did have another image that initially I wanted to include however I was unable to match the sky colour to these images. While I still think it could have worked with the series I like 5 as a number of images sitting together. The result of the consistent red worked well. Using the blue gels to add a sense of mystery (and light) ended up matching the blue drinking cup. The mix of red, blue and green in the images definitely uses the influences of Alex Prager and Gregory Crewdson and yet these final images are very much my own without too much 'copying'. I've added my own humour, movement and style of which I am very proud of. 

A huge thank you to Caryline who has taught me so much during the past several months I never thought I would understand as much as I do (believe me I know it's nothing compared with experts!) and I never really thought I would be as inspired as I have been. It's be life changing. 

Thank you MIT! 

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