Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Term 2: Portfolio Research // Alex Prager

From having a casual look at I came across Alex Prager, a self taught LA Photographer whose stylized and colorful works resonated quickly. While the style she has may seem like something out of the 60s she herself admits the costumes she uses are from the 40s right through to the 80s. Her influences are William Eggleston, Hitchcock and Guy Bourdin - also some of my current faves.

What impressed me most with her work was her use of color and the way she works with moments and feeling.

After seeing her images I realized what was missing from my portfolio concept. Movement. I don't want my images to all require a long exposure and therefore zero movement so I'm now going to focus on creating a narrative series of between 5 - 8 final images using one model and shot outside my home. 

Now to Research:
- Composition
- Lighting Options
- Styling
- Make-up
- Hair

Here are some links to more info on Alex:

And some of her fabulous images: 

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