Monday, 6 October 2014

Term 2 Wk 1: Portfolio Planning


AIM / To take a series of images centred around the suburban street setting. My approach aims to look at 'happenings' that take place on the street between people. With people spending more and more time on their own property and in their houses the moments people interact or connect with the area beyond their fence is limited. This series aims to explore familiar scenes of connection, maintenance, coming and going and waiting.

GENRE / Fine Art Narrative

TECHNIQUE & STYLE / Using fore, mid and background to create depth. Rule of Thirds. Complimentary colours. Will experiment with the vantage point, however some images will likely suit eye level or slightly lower. If some images are taken at night/twilight a slow shutter will be needed. Ideally everything will need to be n focus so a tripod and high aperture will need to be used. However I will play around with settings so as not to limit myself on the day.

ARTIST RESEARCH / Research will focus in on Gregory Crewdson and Jeff Wall along with their influences including Hitchcock and Walter Evans.

LIGHTING RESEARCH / Look for locations that will allow for natural light (possibly at sunset) which illuminates the majority of the scene. Shoot each location at different times of the day to gain understanding of how the light is likely to fall and how much external light might be needed. Experiment with reflector and speed light to get coverage of the scene.

LOCATIONS / Find locations that are easy to access (i.e hopefully friends homes that are ok with me being outside). One option would be to do all the shoots at one location but not on the same day. Take practise shots on a different day testing lighting before doing the shoot with the models.

MODELS / I've had a large number of colleagues express interest in taking part who are happy for their image to be used.

CHALLENGES / Lighting, location, costumes and props. Getting location, costumes and props will be easy, getting the lighting and composition right will be hard!


WEEK 1 / Research!

WEEK 2 / Location scout. Test the lighting of the environment out. Get clear on concepts and discuss with Caryline to gain feedback on plan.

WEEK 3 / Do first shoot using one person during day light. Get used to dealing with model and environment.

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