Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Term 2 Wk 3: Richard Mosse Exercise

What genre/s does Richard Mosse's 'The Enclave' fit into?
Documentary Photography

What is the history that relates to this project?
The Rowanda Genocide

Is there anything in his own history that influences this work?
Hearing about the conflict in his own country but not directly experiencing it. Also his Quaker upbringing as a pacifist.

Why did he choose to use the Kodak infared film for the project?
To bring light/illuminate the unseen and to push against the documentary genre.

How does the use of this film fit into the documentary genre?
Traditionally it doesn't.

How many times has he been to the Eastern Congo for the project? Why do you think he has been back so many times?
8 Times over 4 years.  To truly get used to the environment, be immersed and to go deeper.

What justification does he have for creating such beautiful images to represent such horrific events? Why would he be criticized for this? How does this differ from other war photographs you have seen?
To lull his audience into the beauty and disorientate them. Immersing the viewer. By not showing the graphic nature he has an opportunity to connect with a viewer rather than shock them. People are now so used to seeing horrific photographs something beautiful and surreal has a chance to cut through the noise. 

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