Sunday, 12 October 2014

Term 2 Wk 2: Natural Light Food Photography // Kingsize Response

After viewing Kingsize Studio's skylight/natural light space and hearing about the way in which people used the space to its full advantage by reflecting natural light from a window - I thought I'd give it a crack!

My set up involved using diffused natural light from an open door directing south at around 7pm (meaning there was no direct light on the subject). I started without using a reflector and then added a silver one in the last few shots. The reflector definitely added definition to the subject and brought light into the shadows. For all images I used a low aperture to achieve a shallow depth of field and focus on the food itself.
 Attempt 1: No Reflector

Attempt 2: With Reflector

Attempt 2: With Reflector cropping and brightening in Photoshop

Attempt 3: With Reflector

Attempt 4: With Reflector and brightening in Camera Raw

I'm pretty happy with these images! They were enjoyable to experiment with and obviously having a colorful subject matter that didn't move was great.  The natural light with reflector meant that the  colors of the food were kept intact. If I was to do these again I would experiment more with vantage point and see what other angles would be interesting.

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