Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wk 5: Digital Tech // Photoshop - Cutting Out!

Here are my first attempts at using the Marque and Lasso Tools in Photoshop. I'm definitely still getting my head around the logic of photoshop as I don't find it naturally intuitive but getting better each time - well hopefully! 

1st Attempt: Bad Cut Out! Using Magnetic Lasso Tool I attempted this cut out and changed the background from blue to green. I had difficulty with the hair and edges of the coat.

2nd Attempt: Getting better - used quick mask and paint brush this time. Although can still see the original blue around the edges and the side of the subjects face is still jaggered.The areas where I used paint brush are also smoother than the rest which isn't so great. Still getting my head around doing cut outs - have since done a couple at home and while they weren't perfect I was starting to get the hang of them slightly more.

Brightening the background: Changed it to a violet - much easier as the subject was far cleaner. Used the quick selection tool for this.

Adding in eyes: Lucky for me my subject didn't change anything other than opening and closing her eyes which made the job easier. Potentially her eyes maybe slightly smaller than they should be.

Brightening the sky: AFTER / This was relatively easy in that it was a straight line. Although the tiny bumps in the guttering were harder to change than I would have thought. I think the sky it too bright now and the details of the cloud are somewhat over blown but the exercise was useful all the same.

Brightening the sky:  BEFORE

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