Sunday, 31 August 2014

Wk 5: Camera Use // Understanding Light & Experimenting with Diffuser

This exercise was relatively simple, of the options from the deflector: White, Silver, Gold or Diffuser I preferred the silver or diffuser effect although I'm imagining on the intended image as to which you would need to use.

For these images I focused on rule of thirds.

Framing a subject with shadow
Framing a subject with shadow. Using the direct light from the window and closing the curtains I achieved this smaller area of light.

Silver Reflector
This image of Donna was created using the silver reflector with the sun behind her - as you can unfortunately see in her glasses! I didn't notice this until the images were uploaded so it is good to know that this can happen and will try to more aware of this in the future.

With the diffuser and Donna facing the sun this has created a softer more even spread of light on her face and hair. I also like the the depth in the background and the result leading lines that have framed Donna nicely.

Gold Reflector
Perhaps my reflector is extra gold or maybe it was the time of day but her face but the result is a very gold light. Perhaps this would be more useful if it was placed further away?

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