Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Wk 8: Final Image Analysys

Why this image? 
This images stands out from others taken over the past term. Shot on a drive between Auckland and Palmerston North while stopping for a bathroom break in Cambridge. After taking images all day with a focus on composition techniques rather than subject matter (which I have a tendency of doing) I saw this sign against the sunset. Maybe six images in total of the subject were taken and I felt the composition in this one worked best. It allows the viewer to see just enough of the roof line accented by the lit up food sign while still giving the sunset the fullest amount of possible real estate in the frame. Resulting in a feeling of nostalgia, isolation and warmth. 

The Compositional Elements include: 
Negative Space: Giving the sky the majority of real estate in the photo.
Diffused and Warm Light: With the sunset almost over and the sun having just disappeared below the horizon the diffused light in image allows the main subject of the food sign to glow without cancelling it out. The warm orange tones fade out to a violet night mirroring the darkness of the roof below.
Rule of Thirds: The food sign sits directly on an intersecting point in the image. Bringing the composition any lower would allow the light and architecture from the shop below to compete with the sign which I wanted to behave as the main subject. 
Triangle: Between the sign, tip of the ariel and chimney. This is subtle but the presence of this makes the image more interesting as it moves the eye around the silhouettes of all three. 
Shadow: With the primary source of light behind the subject the use of shadow in this image has created silhouettes of the building, chimney, ariel and tree. With the sign lit up we are broken out of the darkness. 
Vantage Point: Shot from a distance, zoomed in and on an upward angle. The distance makes it look as though it is at eye level but the angle of the sign is a giveaway. 

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