Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Wk 3: Artist Study // Loretta Lux & Pierre et Gilles (Digital Technology)

Focus: Photoshop Editing

Loretta Lux 
Lux's images of children start with taking a photograph that is then manipulated, background changed and details in the faces subtly worked with. It's hard to say what exactly has been edited but there is definitely something about the screwed with perspective, detailed foreground and the distance that doesn't quite make sense - making them dreamlike in quality. Some of her images take up to a year to complete. Starting out as a painter you can see her influence of classic composition (rule of thirds, fore/mid/background and defined subject matter.

Pierre et Gilles 
Pierre Commoy and Gilles Blanchard, are French artists. They have been working together since the late 70s and have always worked with their photographs hand painting them after printing. In fact they seem to only work by hand at least that's the only information I could find... but the images look like they have been through photoshop even though they haven't. 

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