Friday, 5 September 2014

Wk 7: Camera Use // Gels in Studio

This exercise was attempted collaborating as a team. 

Task One: Using gels on a background and not on the subject. 

Thoughts: At first we found it difficult to see much colour in the background. Our initial idea was that the brighter the lights were the brighter the colour....

Thoughts: Not so! A low light of around 1.5 on both back lights made the colours far brighter. I'm imagining that if science got involved it would have something to do with the strength of the gels vs the power of the lights.

Thoughts: Same as last image with the back lights as low as they could go.

Thoughts: Using one gel and closer frame.

Thoughts: Gels only on the subject. Potentially this also has to do with positioning of subject, gels chosen and camera position but it isn't as appealing as the light only on the background.

Thoughts: Gels on Background and subject. Using gels on both has created more flattering photo. Only gels were used on the front lights which then bounced onto the background. The blending of these gels also looks pretty rad.

Thoughts: The green and pink gels (one on the subject & one on the background). These almost contrasting colours work pretty well together. The key light on the subject was pointed away from the wall to make so that the background only had one colour.

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