Sunday, 7 September 2014

Wk 7: Digital Tech // Two Rooms Field Trip

Resolution of Prints
Joyce Campbell // To The Wash
Joyce Campbell's use of an ultra-large format camera has meant the images are incredibly detailed with little or no noise.  Her purposeful use of manipulated focus and depth of field has given her images a discomforting feeling without the viewer knowing exactly why at first glance. Some images in the exhibition were very clear with a high depth of field. With these images we are allowed into the goings on of the environment but at the same time still completely left in the dark due to the shadows.

Greta Anderson // Milford Sound
Greta's successful use Leading lines seen in the road and grassy bank traveling into the distance draw your eye into the dark vanishing point (aka Homer Tunnel). She also uses fore (road), mid(grassy bank) and background (rock face) to create a large feeling of space that continues up into the clouds. The mirroring white from the reflective lines on the road with the water running down the rock which reflects with the clouds.  The subtle contrasting colors of the green grass and the red tipped road markers add another pleasing addition to the eye and the coarse texture of the rock against the feathery grass and the smoothness of the road give more layers that add to the richness of the piece.

The black frame brings out the darkness of the rock while a white frame would have brought out the lightness of the low cloud and made it more present. The size means that the details of the textures and changes in light are intact and draw you into this world and at the same time it's not so small that you miss the details.

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