Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Wk 5: Artist Study // Jeff Wall & Erwin Wurm

Focus: Directed, Reflected and Diffused Light 

Jeff Wall / Direct Light
Jeff Wall starts taking images by not photographing. He sees an image and then recreates it. Giving him control over the outcome.  His street photographs focus on 'micro-gestures'. These examples of Jeff Wall's work contain clear examples of direct light.

Milk ,1984
Light Elements: The light in this image is very high, making the shadow behind the subject rather shallow.
Composition Elements: Rule of Thirds, Pattern, Fast Shutter - Color of the window matching some of the colour in the bricks and the light on the subjects pants.

Mimic, 1982
Light: The light (sun) in this image is lower than that of Milk making the shadows behind the subjects long behind them adding to the leading lines mirrored in the line of the building parallel.
Compositional Elements: Rule of Odds, Color Contrasting (Blue Sky/Windows & Orange Shirt), Leading Lines, repeating colour (red shorts, red car and red sign in the background).

Erwin Wurm / Diffused Light
Wurm's work is hard to get a clear idea of. He is a sculptor and Photographer so his work is jumbled together (on the internet at least). His one minute sculptures are all about putting the body in ridiculous-looking relationships with everyday objects. The people are generally volunteers who are invited to take part and then hold the position for a minute - these situations are then photographed (where the photography comes in). Although Wurn does photography outside of these exhibitions too with photos playing with similar absurd themes.

Light: Diffused - the scene is well lit and soft although there is still some shadow it isn't sharp.

Light: Diffused  - I think the light in this image is diffused due to the softness of the light. Again there is some shadow but it isn't very contrasty.

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