Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Wk 7: Artist Study // Ryan McGinley & Gregory Crewdson

Focus: Gels, Colour Temperature and Filters 

Ryan McGinley / Gels
McGinley is a fine art photographer also working in short film. He is a very popular New York based artist and seems to capture a feeling of youth in much of his work.

Lighting: Two gels seem to be used with this image. The red pointed at the background and green on the subject and front rock - although there does look like there is some red/orange round the side of the foreground of the image.

Lighting: The green lamp in this image is pointed at the subject and the rock ceiling while the background - the trip with this image would be lighting up the foreground while keeping the background red without spill.

Here are some amazing videos that Ryan has made:

Gregory Crewdson / Cinematic Lighting
Crewdson works in a photo narrative style using cinema level lighting with sometimes up to 60 people and 100 lights helping to create a new work. He works with a Director of Photography and all of his pieces are put together in a montage fashion to create the final image. The light sometimes comes from directions bringing light onto his subject and their environment - giving the feeling of an artificial and beautiful scene. The content of work has an emptiness and darkness, or as he refers to it - 'my own psychological universe'.

Lighting: In this image it seems to be from the left side of the image, the car lamps and outside. There is a warmness to the key light on the subject and coolness to to the ones outside (some of which may have a blue filter.

Lighting: Similar to the image above - the outside light seems to have blue gels, the light on the subject slightly warm and light in the bathroom peaking out from behind the door cool.  

Here's a pretty cool half hour doco made on the artist:

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