Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Wk 7: Artist Study // Yuki Onodera & Bill Henson

Focus: Chiaroscuro, Rembrandt & Loop

Yuki Onodera / Chiaroscuro
Born in Tokyo Onodera is now based in France. She makes large works that are often printed 2 metres high in the darkroom, she then manipulates these photographs painting on them and using other original methods.

Both these images show her use of Chiaroscuro as she almost completely silhouettes the subjects and then adds detail to the subject (most likely after the photograph has been taken). The floor is highly reflective and the subjects seem to almost be floating in space. It's hard to guess how the mottled background lighting may be created - perhaps from the other side of a dense diffuser or with low light and gobos.

Bill Henson / Rembrandt 
Controversial Australian Photographer has spent most of career shooting pubescent teens often nude in dark settings - although he has also photographed many other subjects... these dark images with the subjects just peaking out from within it look like old paintings in the way that they are composted.

Lighting: Subtle Rembrandt - the triangle on the left cheek is soft but present, as is the catch light in her eye.

Lighting: I'm not 100% sure if the above image counts as a rembrandt or a loop as it looks like the opposite of a rembrandt with a shadow where the triangle would be. I'm thinking the key light is to the far right of the subject and another fill light is high to left and on a high angle above her head.

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