Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Wk 6: Artist Study // Charlie White & Jae Hoon Lee (Digital Technology)

Focus: Image Compositing 

Charlie White 
LA based photographer. White's work uses composited elements that are added into the image but start out as sculptures. These realistic but fantastical elements are very disturbing.  In fact it's hard to tell whether or not these elements were there all along or were actually added in using photoshop considering the hair on both images it looks like it was done perfectly if they weren't actually in the shoot.

Jae Hoon Lee
Jae Hoon Lee is a NZ based digital artist. I couldn't find much about this artist in terms of write ups regarding his work but it is clear to see that he uses a variety of techniques using photoshop and scanning. The image below is a couple of scanned images of two of the artists friends which has then been merged together.

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