Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Wk 6: Artist Study // Martin Parr & Rineke Dijkstra

Martin Parr / Flash 
Parr's style of photography is somewhat more unromantic than say Bresson's take on photojournalism. Parr is a documentary photographer who photographs everyday scenes seen in his home country of England and during his travels abroad. His use of Flash makes colours brighter and almost garish. His subjects are directly lit up even with their back to the sun making the images otherworldly - with light not naturally being in two places at once. His flash seems to particularly bring out the reds in his images.

Flash: In these images Parr's flash has definitely brought out the reds in both shots using a flash. The flash has brought out the details of the people and the environment which would otherwise be lost.

Composition: Triangle (between their heads and the coke drink), Rule of Thirds and Rule of Odds.

Composition: Rule of Odds (3 clearly defined blow up toys + two main people as subjects = 5), Triangle (of the tips of the blow up toys) & rule of thirds.

Rineke Dijkstra / Flash 
Dutch Photographer Rineke Dijkstra looks for subjects that are in a transitional phase whether puberty, mothers and babies after birth or bull fighters just after a fight. By eliminating the contextual elements which would age the images, distract or label the destination the viewer is able to fully view the person in the image. She uses a Large Format Camera a slow and methodical process where the subject and Dijkstra have to work together to capture the moment. Adding to this detailed practise she uses a flash directly at the image, the flash is separated from the camera and stands higher than the level of the camera which seems to give more focus to the face of the subjects.

Her subject seems to generally be in the middle of the frame and if it is off centre it is only ever so slightly.

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