Monday, 8 September 2014

Wk 3: Artist Study // Robert Doisneau & Olive Cotton

Artist Study Focus: Line and Pattern

Robert Doisneau
A photojournalist at heart, the patterns that Robert Doisneau created are mainly from man made objects but that are happened upon rather than organised by the photographer. Doisneau's clever use of vantage point in the below images show he managed to get himself in the right position to include as much of the pattern as possible and also included diagonal lines across the image that draws your eye up and down the pattern.

Olive Cotton:
Cotton's famous image of the teacups differ from Doisneau's pattern making in that she has set up this pattern purposefully in a studio. By having control over the light, she was able to angle the light from behind the cups to create deep shadows that mirrored the cups and doubled the pattern.

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