Sunday, 7 September 2014

Wk 7: Camera Use // Studio Lighting (Rembrandt etc...)

I attempted these exercises using my friend Nicole. 

I tried to keep it really simple and set-up a Key Light to the right of the subjects face (this had a long soft box attached and the diffusers , a fill light on the left and a backlight on the background. 

Afterwards I realised I should have taken the diffuser off the Key Light so that it would be easier to see the shadows as with the diffuser it was quite subtle and had to locate - the difference between Loop and Rembrandt was especially difficult to pin point. 

Only some images have the backlight as I felt I didn't need it in the end. 

Rembrandt: I attempted this set-up first, it was definitely the hardest and I don't think I quite got it. Would definitely like to have another go at this without the diffuser. These images are probably closer to loop than rembrandt. 

Working: Catch light in the eye,  light under the eye
Need to work on: A more defined shadow, closing the gap between the shadow on the side of the face and the nose.

Working: the triangle of light under the left eye.
Need to work on: Bringing light into the left eye without losing the closed triangle.

Working: Same as above
Need to work on: Same as above

Split: One light was used to create this image and was set up at a 90 degree angle to the right side of Nicole's face.

Working: the defined shadow and catch light in her eyes

Loop: I had difficulty in finding the placement for this lighting set up. I had looked online at tutorials and on lighting maps but on the day couldn't find it - at least not very easily. I think the light probably wasn't high enough. I used one lamp about 45 degrees to the right of her face and higher than the rembrandt light. 

Butterfly: Easier than the previous setups. Set-up with one lamp directly in front of Nicole on an extreme high angle. For this set-up instead of using the soft box I switched it out for  spotlight reflector. For the first image I didn't have a reflector board place under the subject and added it in for the second shot.

Without reflector 

With reflector

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